Denmark's oldest limestone mine
with a great story

Take your family and friends underground and go back in time while experiencing what life would have been like for the miners in the passages and caverns within the mine. Careful you do not wake the bats!

Welcome to Daugbjerg Kalkgruber

Opening Hours

01/10 - 31/10 (weekends only): 10 - 16
Week 42 every day
Dog on lead is welcome..


Scandinavians oldest limestone mine
Hunt of the secret signs, Bats,
Sleeping in the mine - and much more.


Daugbjerg Kalkgruber
Dybdalsvej 18c
8800 Viborg.

Jens Langknivs Treasure Hunt

Escape room meets Treasure Hunt: Book the coart og find Jens Langkniv’s secret treasure deep under the ground.

Meet our mascots Flix & Flax

In Daugbjerg kalkgruber 5 different bat species lives. Experience the bats in their natural habitat.

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